TotalOilPack oil bottle boxes

TotalOilPack is the ideal packaging for oil bottles. Many of the bottles used to pack olive oil are authentic artworks. It is not surprising many people call the olive oil the liquid gold of gastronomy. For this reason, your oils deserve excellent packaging and TotalOilPack meets the expectations, avoiding disasters of oil bottles broken during the shipment.

Thanks to our modular system for oil bottles you can send one or several bottles without worrying again if they will break during its transportation.

Cajas para botellas de vino

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Are you an e-shop? Find us as your strategic partner, which will provide you with the perfect packaging so that your costumers orders arrive at your destination without any incidents. Formats for TOP come in 6 and 12 bottles for 33cl, 50cl and 75cl formats.

Oil Shops

With TOP packaging you will be able to ship to your clients their bottles in a very safe packaging, which will protect the bottles wherever, their destination is. Likewise you will be able to send anyplace you need with the tranquillity they will arrive intact to its final destination.

Shipment Company

Our packaging for 6 and 12 bottles will perfectly adapt your needs. You will be able to transport your customer’s bottles in a safe way and you will never have to worry again about responding for broken bottles.

Oil Producers

We know well all the care that the production of quality oil requires. That’s why we offer you a package that will protect your bottles like no other at a very competitive price. We’ll make your bottle arrive to your customers, whether it is a distributor, restaurant, nightclub, hotel or individual, without any risk or incidents.

TotalOilPack bottle boxes for distilled drinks

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Product description

Our beer packaging has an air packaging system with chambers created with corrugated cardboard, which allow the bottles to be kept suspended and safe inside the boxes. Bottles can resist up to a 3 meters fall. It’s ideal for oil producers which need a packaging for their oil bottles which is very resistant and economic. This packaging system was awarded at the 2013 Liderpack Award’s for Best Cardboard Packaging for Bottle Shipping and at the World Star Award in the Category Drinks and Beverages.


Strength 75%
Speed 70%
Economy 90%
Logistics 75%

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