TotalSafePack: A totally unique packaging system providing protection for bottles

Transport your bottles safely to wherever they need to be

The TotalSafePack range consists of boxes for four different types of bottles. Its main purpose is to provide safe, reliable packaging for glass bottles; ideal for the shipping and handling of bottles in the wine, spirits, oil and beer sectors. Our mission is to supply a first-rate packaging system so that your bottles reach their final destination without any mishaps.

Our cardboard boxes for bottles are unique worldwide. Made from corrugated cardboard, their design and cut have been devised by experts with the aim of minimising breakages when transporting glass bottles. With our TSP boxes, we have been able to reduce the number of breakages during shipping by 95% compared to conventional packaging available on the market.

The design of our TSP boxes has led us to scoop awards such as the ‘Premio Liderpack’ in 2013 and 2016 for the best cardboard packaging for transporting bottles, and the ‘WorldStar Award’ in the Packaging and Beverages category in 2014.

With over 25 years of experience in the sector, we know first-hand the requirements and problems that arise with the breakage of bottles during transport. With TotalSafePack you can say goodbye to all these problems. Find out more about our packaging by clicking on the link to the category you are interested in.

Boxes for bottles

Why use our TotalSafepack boxes for bottles?

For many companies, the repercussions of broken bottles are not always evident in their day-to-day activity. These include costs incurred due to lost goods, possible damage to the rest of the goods being shipped, delays in reaching the end customer, twice the shipping costs, etc. Not forgetting the most important repercussion: the customer’s negative experience when they receive a bottle late or in poor conditions. Companies see this as a part of the business and take for granted that it is something that they have to take responsibility for as an operating cost. We know it because we’ve experienced this first-hand.
However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With our TSP boxes for bottles, you will reduce breakages during transport by 95%. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the definitive solution to one of the most common problems facing many companies in the sector.


The bottle box experts

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reduced by 95%

If at present around 50 bottles are broken in the shipments that you send by air, road or sea, with our packaging systems three bottles will be broken at most.

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Save money on your packaging

Our innovative TotalSafePack packaging system is more economical than that offered by most of our competitors and, what’s more, we offer a higher quality and much greater guarantees.

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Easy assembly and safe shipping

With the exclusive TotalSafePack packaging, you can send bottles of wine, beer, oil, spirits or liqueurs anywhere in the world in total confidence.

Maximum protection for your bottles

With the exclusive TotalSafePack packaging, you can ship wine, beer, oil and all kind of alcohol bottles anyplace in the world with the maximum protection.

Our protection systems

logotipo totalwine

Boxes for
wine bottles

TotalWinePack is our special packaging designed for all kinds of cava and wine bottles. Thanks to our modular packaging your wine bottles will reach your customers intact.

Find out more
logotipo totalwine

Boxes for

TotalDrinkPack is our range of boxes for bottles of spirits such as rum, whisky, brandy and vodka. Their air chamber and structure guarantee maximum protection for bottles during transport.

Find out more
logotipo totalbeer

Boxes for
beer bottles

TotalBeerPack is our smallest packaging range. As craft beers are becoming more and more popular, we decided to create this packaging for 33cl and 50cl beer bottles.

Find out more
logotipo totaloil

Boxes for
oil bottles

Spain being one of the biggest olive oil producers in the world, it was only natural that one of our next packaging ranges would be for oil bottles – for ‘liquid gold’. TotalOilPack is our special packaging for olive oil.

Find out more

Customers who already use our packaging

“We’ve been working with TSP for over 4 years. From the very start communication has been very clear and they have listened to our requirements and developed packaging specially tailored to our needs. They have also adapted perfectly by proposing their DUO reinforced crash-lock packaging which we use during the months in which we see the highest turnover of our wines”

logo vinissimusLucas Llaurado , Vinissimus

At UPS we demand the highest quality standards from our suppliers. TSP has been able to meet our demands and so we have been able to select them as an exclusive supplier of protective packaging for all of our wine shipments

ups logoBeatriz Arribas – UPS, UPS

In recent years we have tried and tested packaging from different companies; with TSP the number of breakages has been reduced considerably, making them our trusted supplier today

vinusdei logoHugo Fernández , Vinusdei

We have been using TSP packaging for over 2 years and in all that time the breakages we’ve had have been minimal. This type of packaging is well worth the investment”

asm logoVictor Montins , Agencia ASM

In TSP we’ve found a trustworthy supplier of protective packaging for wine that helps us to promptly find solutions for the requirements that we come up against. We are grateful for this and hope to be able to continue counting on their support

Antoni Solà Drake , WalkingWines

Thanks to this packaging we have considerably reduced order preparation time and have greatly increased the protection of our orders during transport, resulting in increased customer satisfaction

vinus vinis logoAntonio Pascuet,

TotalSafePack in the media

Don’t know how to send your boxes for bottles?

Don’t worry! We’ll take care of it all. TotalSafePack belongs to business group NEXUS GLOBAL DESIGN, S.L. which has over 25 years of experience in the logistics and courier sector. Our companies TotalLogistics and TotalCourier will take care of all of the logistics for your business, making sure that your orders reach their destination in record time. Where at present around 50 bottles are broken in shipments sent by air, road or sea, with our packaging systems three bottles will be broken at most.

At FullSafeLogistics we offer all kinds of services to guarantee that your shipments reach their destinations in record time.

International services: international door-to-door air courier service for sending shipments anywhere in the world in minimum time. Air links with the main international airports around the world, covering a range of delivery options: FOB, CIF, Transport to Destination, Free Carriage, Ex Works. Euro Express service combining air and land transport for deliveries in the European Union. TotalMail service for mass shipments all over the world.

Inland services: Total 10 service for urgent delivery of parcels or documents that need to be delivered within 10 hours. Total 24 service for inland deliveries that need to be made within 24 hours.

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